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Messagemature lady ready to mingle
Author: magda Creation date: Nov/24/2013 23:03:50Full text

MessageCurrently enjoying the Byron Bay Blues Festival which is absolutely awesome!!

I have so far seen.....Ben Harper and Charlie Mussellwhite...."legend", Jimmy Cliff, Steve Millar Band, Santana...."amazing", Manu Chao, and tonight I will be seeing Taj Mahal, Robert Plant from Led Zep, and Fat Freddy’s drop from New Zealand = My country!! :)
Author: Ms Creation date: Mar/30/2013 03:25:14Full text

MessageDateing a pilot can be a lot of fun but it takes time and patients.
Author: ### Creation date: Oct/27/2012 22:32:58Full text

SubjectHello everybody!!
MessageHey everybody!!
Today is a great day...
Weekend is your friends and invite them for a drink...or a game play..or dancing.
Let them know You are interested on them...
...Life is too short...

Amigos, no dejen pasar el tiempo...La vida es muy corta para quedarse en casa...o en el hotel...solo diviertanse con sus amigos.

Saludos a todos.
Author: Kirei Creation date: May/27/2010 16:52:07Full text

SubjectSeeing Stars
MessageI’m really into astronomy. You should see my telescope! Wait…that sorta sounds like a pick-up line. “Hey baby…wanna come over to my place and see my telescope?” LOL

No really! It’s a 6 inch Newtonian reflector. (My telescope) It’s big and it’s black. (yes…my telescope) It makes you…I mean lets you see stars. (Um… my telescope) It can probe deep space. (No…my telescope!) I like to take it out and erect it once a week. (Stop it…I’m referring to my telescope!) It even comes with a ...
Author: Greg Creation date: Nov/10/2009 12:58:44Full text

SubjectReal men
MessageReal men….

…play ice hockey.

…don’t drink vanilla lattes.

…treat a woman like a lady.

…don’t wear a scent.

…floss daily.

…love beer.

…don’t wear lycra.

…eat their vegetables.

…don’t swear like sailors.

…always pick up the tab.

…don’t talk with their mouthful.

…wear boxers.

…don’t whine.

…know how to kiss a woman.

…don’t kiss and tell.

…mean what they say and say what they ...
Author: Greg Creation date: Nov/10/2009 12:54:07Full text

MessageSo I’m in line for coffee at 6:10am and it’s already long with only one register open and, of course, everyone in front of me is ordering one of those frou-frou so called “coffee” drinks.

The guy at the front of the line has so much mousse in his hair it’s a wonder he doesn’t sprout antlers. “Give me a grande, non-fat, half-caff, blended, no foam, triple shot, iced, vanilla, chai tea latte,” he orders in a matter-of-fact tone.

I sigh; it’s gonna be one of those days. ...
Author: Greg Creation date: Nov/10/2009 12:53:36Full text

SubjectIt’s a scientific fact: Bad spelling = great ###
MessageDid anywon sea the resent CNN storie abowt the relashunship betwene bad spelling and sexual prowess? Yes, its troo! Studys showe that thees too areas of the brane are sumhow lincked, so the werse a guy spels the bedder he is in the sac. :)
Author: Greg Creation date: Nov/10/2009 12:52:59Full text

SubjectRandom thoughts on the art of love making
MessageI love the scent of a woman, the touch of her hand, the fall of her hair, the small of her back. I believe the ability to please a woman is wrapped up in a man’s desire to want to please. I can’t be all about him and what he can get...instead it must be about her and what he can give. The onus is on the man to study his lover...learn her ways... what thrills her, and then give it to her in abundance. His orgasm will come but her’s can sometimes be elusive and he must use the ...
Author: Greg Creation date: Nov/10/2009 12:52:23Full text

SubjectWhy don’t the women talk to me?
MessageI would like to be friends to them but they don’t care. They are looking for the gold not the real guy. So I hope they find what they think they are going to fined. I wish them good luck in there quest. Mark
Author: mark Creation date: Dec/20/2007 02:54:06Full text

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