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Mario d assantee1

SubjectHi all!
MessageJust wanted to let you know that after a long time not being around on this website, I am back! Just leave me a note!


Author: Monique Creation date: Oct/05/2007 11:00:23Full text

MessageIt amazes me sometimes how on earth I found someone so good in my life. Sometimes I wonder why it was me who got so lucky, and yet, people often ask you! It doesn’t take much to put a smile on my face, but you go above and beyond any face can take. Looking at you makes me smile. I hate it when we’re apart, I feel like such a huge part of me is..well, not here with me. It’s so nice to know that we think a like, we always wonder what the other is doing when not together. ...
Author: Pamela Creation date: Sep/12/2007 02:38:12Full text

SubjectIts a whole new world
MessageI havent been on this site for a long time because I was without my own
computer for a while. Well things are finally looking up and now I have a
brand Spankin new LapTop. So, to those of you that had responded to me
Im finally back. I am now living in Chicago and Flying A LOT!!! Its a Good thing. Talk soon.
Author: Colby Creation date: Sep/07/2007 21:22:10Full text

SubjectI’m yours
MessageCause you don’t love him? no
You always think of me? yea,yea,yea
You don’t want him? no
Cause you’d rathes be with me

After all the shit he put you though
It’s true for you to leave
Girl,I’ve got mad love for you
You’re supposed to be with me
Author: Mario d assantee Creation date: Jul/31/2007 05:11:07Full text

SubjectCrazy Summer
MessageEver have one of those periods in your life things just pass by so quickly you don’t have time to stop and enjoy things.... I’m just getting out of this phaze now...

Trying to buy a new condo and can’t find what I’m looking for...I’m sure when the time is right the place of my dreams will show up....
Author: Surfer Creation date: Jul/29/2007 11:45:48Full text

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