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Random thoughts on the art of love making

I love the scent of a woman, the touch of her hand, the fall of her hair, the small of her back. I believe the ability to please a woman is wrapped up in a man’s desire to want to please. I can’t be all about him and what he can get...instead it must be about her and what he can give. The onus is on the man to study his lover...learn her ways... what thrills her, and then give it to her in abundance. His orgasm will come but her’s can sometimes be elusive and he must use the tools given him to capture it and present it to her as the gift that it is....preferably more than just once. Patience is more than a virtue during’s an absolute necessity. And kissing is so important. Done can string together the acts of love making like pearls on a necklace.
Author: GregCreation date: Nov/10/2009 12:52:23
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